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Eye2Eye a collaborative visual arts project imagined by Omeima Mudawi-Rowlings and Miranda Ellis. Awarded an Arts Council England grant, this innovative exhibition was set to explore the complex themes of deafness, deaf & hearing spaces, discrimination and ways of seeing and being. The work  being undertaken by these two experienced artists culminated in an immersive, thought provoking installation of new work at ONCA gallery in Brighton in June 2017.

This unique project  enabled both artists to bring their distinctive artistic disciplines and practices into play; exploring new directions for their work through collaboration. The artists' media of choice; textiles for Omeima Mudawi-Rowlings, and fused/cast glass for Miranda Ellis,  coming together to present new and exciting artistic possibilities within the framework of a contemporary societal concept.

The merging of cultures, influences and media delivering a reflective body of work aiming  to  offer a rare insight into the lived experience of another. Central to this installation was the concept of deafness and deaf space. This was  a unique aspect of the collaboration, connecting Omeima, herself a deaf artist (and BSL user), and Miranda, also a professional interpreter.​ Simultaneously however, this project other aim was  to include ideas about British, European and Arabic identity, and highlight lived experience of discrimination and difference.

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